An uncertain future but back to ‘normal’ for Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United

by Moscowhite • Daniel Chapman,

By this time next week we’ll have been through the familiar cycle. Pre-match press conference (I hope, I miss Marcelo). Team news. Kick-off. A football match. Post-match analysis and, hopefully, happiness.

We can call it normal but it won’t be, especially if we get the happiness part. We’ve wished football back into our lives because we’ve missed having a good time, forgetting that in 100 years of United’s history, watching Leeds play football has been a funny way of enjoying ourselves.

Column at the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The Square Ball Podcast #114: Honking Goose

by Moscowhite • Daniel Chapman,

We’re tired of Spygate, but it won’t stop the childish finger pointing. With unlikely allies, we’re ready to go to war with Pontus and head up the Salim Lamrani revolution. First stop, however, is New York, where Jack Harrison will feel right at home.

Listen here.