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Leeds United, 2015/16

The Square Ball Week: Someone Special — There’s a romantic idea that art is all about drinking wine, taking drugs and waiting for inspiration. • May 27, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Waiting For Cellino — It’s undeniable that the board of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club only tweeted that photo of their board meeting this week as commentary on Leeds United. • May 20, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Shez Culture — There aren’t enough chars, mops or buckets in all the old East End anymore to clear up after the mawkish outpourings of pearly sentimentality over this week’s closure of the Queen herself’s Boleyn Ground. • May 13, 2016

Preston North End 1-1 Leeds United: Nada Surf — Preston North End seem pretty happy with their first season back in the Championship after promotion from League One: a comfortable eleventh place finish, winning one more than they lost, that gives them a good platform for a play-off push next season. • May 9, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Fox Tracks — In football every success is scored through with the lines of five thousand defeats, and even moments of great glory are inscribed with evidence of great loss. • May 6, 2016

Leeds United 1-2 Charlton Athletic: Near Enough — The Elland Road crowd leapt to its feet and roared, applauding a thunderous tackle by Liam Bridcutt on the halfway line. • May 2, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Memories Accrued — Leeds United have played pretty much two seasons of football since the game against Watford at Vicarage Road in August 2014, and in that time, some of the details have been lost. • Apr 29, 2016

Hull City 2-2 Leeds United: Unreal Invention — Leeds United have entered that strange end of the season spell when lots of things happen but none of them really matter, beyond the moment. • Apr 25, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Promising — Massimo Cellino promised we’d be promoted to the Premier League this season. Or else. • Apr 22, 2016

Leeds United 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Absolute Chaos — For an hour this game was the usual, and this report was destined to be more of the same, until Sol Bamba chested the ball not down but ahead, on the edge of the box, and swung one great boot. • Apr 20, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Football People — Leeds United beat Birmingham City 2-1 in midweek, and some people say that’s all that should matter. Two goals for, one goal against, three points added to a total of fifty-one. • Apr 14, 2016

Birmingham City 1-2 Leeds United: Home Discomfort — A sparse crowd, on a Champions League night, when there are more interesting things happening everywhere. • Apr 13, 2016

Burnley 1-0 Leeds United: Not Okay — It’s hard not to get drawn towards and join in with the groaning when people complain about the lowered expectations of today’s Leeds United, especially when you were raised as a Leeds fan in the nineties, when missing out on Europe was seen as failure. • Apr 11, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Back Stories & Comeback Stories — The first sight was shocking. The poshly cocked eyebrow jutted more wildly from his forehead; the rowing-team coiffure was buzzed a little closer to the skull. And that skull: the skin sunk into the bowls between the cheekbones. Hi, Dave. You don’t look like you’ve been keeping well. • Apr 8, 2016

Leeds United 1-1 QPR: Taking Memories — Jimmy Hasselbaink screwed Leeds United over, but he had his (financial) reasons, and I can’t be mad at him about it anymore. • Apr 6, 2016

Rotherham United 2-1 Leeds United: Tactical Hiding — “Tactically,” said Steve Evans after the game, and my temples throbbed, my eyes filled with tears of frustration. • Apr 4, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Neil Warnock, Gaffer — It’s the book, according to Harry Redknapp’s blurb on the cover, “that tells you what managing is really like.” The Gaffer, by Neil Warnock, promises on its inside flap “countless insights into the trials and tribulations” of a “leading professional football manager.” The back cover lists some of the situations a top manager might face: “Are the fans cheering or jeering? The players are dead on their feet – is it the exhaustion of victory or defeat? The captain approaches: ‘What shall we do, gaffer?’” • Apr 1, 2016

Leeds United 1-4 Huddersfield Town: New Normal — When half-time was called at Elland Road, the situation was as close to normal as it’s likely to get these days. • Mar 21, 2016

The Square Ball Week: What Is It? — It’s not a cup final. Repeat, it’s not a cup final. • Mar 18, 2016

Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Leeds United: What Was Changed — Three wins in a week. Nine, yes nine, league points to treasure. Back-to-back away wins; a win in Wales; a win at Ewood Park. • Mar 14, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Showboat Shows — ‘Nimble.’ That’s the first adjective I can find that I ever used to describe Marco Silvestri. Admittedly I was comparing him to the Paddy Kenny of summer ’14, but I like to think I got that right. • Mar 11, 2016

Cardiff City 0-2 Leeds United: Performance — Forget Bolton; this was the reaction the Brighton game required. Not just a ground out win against a poor team, but a win that we could actually enjoy. • Mar 9, 2016

Leeds United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers: Grim — A funeral isn’t good for anybody’s morale. Nobody, on their way into Elland Road to watch Leeds United play Bolton at football, will have been cheered up by the sight of a coffin outside the club shop. • Mar 7, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Change of Attention — Last week here I wrote about how the prospect of analysing Leeds United’s latest set of accounts sent me into a nostalgic reverie, first for the Champions League era, then for John Pemberton. Well, it made sense to me. • Mar 4, 2016

Brighton & Hove Albion 4-0 Leeds United: If Not You, Then Who? — Even the scrapping was half-hearted. It began after Leeds were 4-0 down, and there were niggles until the final whistle; the odd booking here and there. Liam Cooper was called over by the referee, at one point, to calm things down. But there was never any real risk of this match boiling over. • Mar 1, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Diminishing Returns — Leeds United released a statement about the latest accounts this week, like a teaser trailer of all the best spun bits that we’ll be deathly analysing the moment the full numbers become available from Companies House. • Feb 26, 2016

Leeds United 1-1 Fulham: Cook’s Matches — “Boooo!” booed the few lost souls that huddled together to form a crowd while Leeds United played Fulham at football. “Greedy bastard! McContract!” • Feb 24, 2016

Watford 1-0 Leeds United: Future Over — Leeds United’s 2015/16 season came down to ninety minutes and a bit at Vicarage Road, on Saturday 20th February, 2016. • Feb 22, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Wembley Suits — Football is a sport that generates many beautiful, surreal spectacles, spectacles that occur through a combination of nature and science. • Feb 19, 2016

Leeds United 0-0 Middlesbrough: Purple — Apparently, 20,424 people went to Elland Road to see this game. • Feb 16, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Alchemist — They sacked Neil Redfearn; they sacked Andy Hughes. They haven’t sacked Luciano Becchio, though, which suggests that the board of Rotherham United still have some aesthetic sense, if nothing else. • Feb 12, 2016

Leeds United 0-1 Nottingham Forest: Class Across The Bored — Consider, if you will, Scott Wootton. Opposition managers and players clearly have. Wootton is a much considered, much discussed, and obviously marked man. • Feb 8, 2016

The Square Ball Week: We Don’t Want to Talk About It — “I was at Elland Road until 10pm on Monday,” Steve Evans told the YEP’s Phil Hay this week. “That was the first time it became obvious that things weren’t going to happen.” • Feb 5, 2016

Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Leeds United: Promise — The risk in taking 6,600 fans over the Pennines to Bolton was that, because we are Leeds, we would mess it up. • Feb 1, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Opportunities Knocked — One of the most faithful claims to the good of Massimo Cellino’s endeavours as owner of Leeds United skittled away from him last week: that he’s held on to the kids. • Jan 29, 2016

Brentford 1-1 Leeds United: Dogged Underdogs — Steve Evans’ school of thought, as far as I can make out, depends very much on whatever his last thought was, and on the ability to follow it like a newborn baby duckling follows an alsation. • Jan 27, 2016

Leeds United 1-0 Bristol City: Party Time, Excellent — There were some right parties happening on Saturday; fun was breaking out all over. • Jan 25, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Sour Dreams — Sam’s gone, then; off to duke it out with Frazer Richardson for the right-back spot in the great ex-Leeds team in the sky. Or on Sky, more likely. • Jan 22, 2016

Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Leeds United: Nailed On — There were many good reasons behind Massimo Cellino’s attempt to play hardball with Sky over their broadcast scheduling. • Jan 18, 2016

Byram’s Dream — The first fifty-three games were a dream, and you couldn’t have dreamed them any better. Like a dream, those fifty-three games had no introduction; like a dream, the impression they left was incomplete. • Jan 15, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Football Circles — The ball is round, as many have observed, and the field is rectangular; football itself is circular. • Jan 15, 2016

Ipswich Town 2-1 Leeds United: All Good Things — Last March I wrote, giddy and dazed, about how Leeds United, invincible Leeds United, would never lose another football match again, whether Leeds United deserved to or not. • Jan 13, 2016

Leeds United 2-0 Rotherham United: Magical Noise — Perhaps it would be better if we all had old fashioned clacky rattles. That might bring the magic of the FA Cup back; old fashioned clacky rattles. We could all stand — sorry, sit — and click and whirr and think about the good old days. • Jan 11, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Empire is The Emperor — Looking back, perhaps it’s telling that in Leeds United’s “reluctant” Sky Sports statement, the club listed the people who had “had enough” as: Leeds United Football Club, the players and staff, and Leeds United Season Ticket holders. • Jan 8, 2016

Leeds United 1-1 Milton Keynes: Gorgeous — Unlike when Leeds nabbed a draw at Nottingham Forest, there were no fist-pumping gestures from Steve Evans at the end of this one; perhaps the sight of the segregated South Stand confuses him as much as it appals me, and he doesn’t know where to aim his pie-chucking arm anymore. • Jan 4, 2016

Leeds United 2-2 Derby County: Expect Anything — Burnley and Ipswich Town play each other on Saturday; fifth against sixth in the Championship, 41 points against 40. • Dec 30, 2015

Nottingham Forest 1-1 Leeds United: The Final Third — It’s a euphemism. Like all euphemisms, we use it to protect the sensitive. That can be difficult sometimes. • Dec 28, 2015

Leeds United 1-0 Preston North End: Good Form & Giggles — There was a script for Leeds United to follow as they beat Preston North End on Sunday, but typically, they didn’t follow it. • Dec 21, 2015

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-3 Leeds United: Fully Back — It’s a bloody daft idea, nicking a shopping trolley, climbing into it, and hurtling in it as fast as you can down a hill. You’ll almost inevitably get badly hurt when it overturns and you slide, Lee Chapman style, face first along the gravel. • Dec 18, 2015

Charlton Athletic 0-0 Leeds United: Score — Tom Adeyemi had done it. Head down, arms outstretched, elbows pumping like pistons on a steam train, Tom Adeyemi had done it. • Dec 14, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Roberto Martinez — “I can see the passion you’ve got about Leeds!” Roberto Martinez told me, which was a clue that my interview with the manager of Everton had perhaps run a little off course. • Dec 11, 2015

Leeds United 2-1 Hull City: Upsides — Preparation for this game included anger at the imposition of pies upon disinterested customers, reports that Massimo Cellino had been interfering in tactics during half-time at Loftus Road, and news that Sam Byram had rejected an improved contract offer. It also included three awful performances: two defeats to Rotherham and QPR, and one from Chris Wood on Soccer AM’s You Know The Drill segment. • Dec 7, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Sloth & Taxes — There has been a lot to take in this last couple of weeks. Losing to Rotherham. Losing to QPR. Fluctuating ticket prices. Contract disputes with young players. Players being touted for sale. Talk about protests, throwing things on the pitch, walk outs. • Dec 4, 2015

QPR 1-0 Leeds United: Getting Worse — I’m almost at the point where I might feel sorry for Steve Evans. But not yet. • Nov 30, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Amateurs — Leeds United’s players have looked worse. Performing in pantomimes in the seventies. Dancing awkwardly with kids at kit launches in the nineties. Trying to defend a moderately dangerous attack from the division’s bottom team last week. Leaf through the history books, there’s plenty of damage there. • Nov 27, 2015

Leeds United 0-1 Rotherham United: Don’t Think — Steve Evans knew exactly how Steve Evans would celebrate if Steve Evans’ new club beat Steve Evans’ old club on Saturday. • Nov 23, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Not So Fast — For a moment this weekend Leeds United might achieve, if not stability, balance. I’m not sure we could handle stability, anyway. • Nov 20, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Mowatt Genre — In his first season, I couldn’t understand Alex Mowatt. I couldn’t understand what there was to understand. I was looking for complexity and couldn’t find any. • Nov 13, 2015

Huddersfield Town 0-3 Leeds United: Close Friends — Neighbours, over the years, become friends, and it has been good of Huddersfield to be so kind to Leeds United in our hours of need. • Nov 9, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Who Would Want To? — Almost a week since it was announced that Massimo Cellino had agreed to sell Leeds United to Leeds Fans Utd, and everybody involved is sticking firmly to the script. • Nov 6, 2015

Leeds United 1-0 Cardiff City: Optimism OK — A week is a long time in football, or politics, or religion, or whatever. • Nov 4, 2015

Middlesbrough LFC 6-0 Leeds Ladies FC: Learning Curve — A blistering opening twenty minutes from league leaders Middlesbrough left Leeds with next to no chance of taking anything from their trip to Thornaby. • Nov 3, 2015

“Backing Each Other Up; That’s What’s Going To Win Games” — Emma Bentley, Leeds Ladies FC — “We never in a million years thought we would do as well as we did,” says Emma Bentley, captain of Leeds Ladies Football Club. “We started last season just wanting to survive, and we ended it disappointed that we hadn’t won the league. We didn’t anticipate that at all.” • Oct 30, 2015

Leeds United 0-2 Blackburn Rovers: Where to Start — I honestly don’t know where to start. I just hope Steve Evans does, because I get the feeling this is far from finished. • Oct 30, 2015

Leeds Ladies 5-2 Chorley Ladies: League Brings Best Out of Leeds — After three weeks of cup matches, Leeds Ladies got back to work in the Women’s Premier League with a 5–2 win over Chorley at Garforth. • Oct 28, 2015

Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Leeds United: Far From Good — One of the ironic symptoms of the Leeds United managerial churn is that we get results like this, and in midweek against Fulham, that would under other circumstances have cost the head coach his job. • Oct 26, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Jailhouse John — Outside the West Stand, during pre-season in 1956, three Leeds United players — Grenville Hair, Royden Wood and Jacky Overfield — stop to sign the autograph books of two young Leeds United fans: Mac Brown, in the middle, and on the right, John Cave, who died last week. • Oct 23, 2015

Fulham 1-1 Leeds United: Have Another Go — Up and at ‘em, 4–4–2, pressing and intensity and passion passion passion. It was everything we wanted from Leeds United, in Steve Evans’ first game, and he can put his feet up on a pillow in his hotel room tonight and reflect on a positive start to his honeymoon. • Oct 22, 2015

Leeds United 1-2 Brighton & Hove Albion: Void — Leeds United played well enough to just about get a draw from this game. But, and at Leeds United there is always an ironic but, Uwe Rosler ended the day defeated, several ways. • Oct 19, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Start Again — It must be tempting to play jokes on Massimo Cellino. And easy. • Oct 16, 2015

Birmingham & West Midlands 4-0 Leeds Ladies: Leeds Facing Test of Character — Birmingham & West Midlands 4–0 Leeds Ladies: Leeds Facing Test of Character • Oct 7, 2015

Leeds United 0-2 Birmingham City: Heat Map — This doesn’t often happen to me. But about fifteen minutes into the second half, I saw Mowatt gain and then lose possession in the centre circle. And I turned to the bloke next to me and asked, “Did Mowatt come on as a sub?” • Oct 5, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Casper Sloth Endures — Casper Sloth endures. Serene, calm; characteristically, lazy, but that might be hearsay or an illusion. • Oct 2, 2015

Leeds Ladies 2-2 Chester Le Street: Ackroyd’s Goal Takes Point — Leeds Ladies ended a week of tough matches by fighting back to earn a draw with Chester Le Street, and go into a spell of cup games in third place in the league. • Sep 29, 2015

Middlesbrough 3-0 Leeds United: Progress — Ah, Bellusci, Bellusci. Bellusci, Bellusci, Bamba, as Kate Bush sang. • Sep 28, 2015

Hull City Ladies 4-1 Leeds Ladies: Leeds Look For Confidence, Not Consolations — Leeds Ladies put at an end to their recent slow-starting habits against Hull City, but four counter-attacking blows meant their reward was a second defeat in two games, and a second of the season to Hull. • Sep 25, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Ability to Pay — The raven industrialist looked at Sam through narrow eyes, sighting the boy like a quail in a field along the steep slope of his prominent nose, using it like the barrel of a rifle. • Sep 25, 2015

Leeds Ladies 1-2 Stockport County: Leeds Lucky The Only Injury Is The Score — For the second time this season Leeds Ladies lost at home due to a poor performance and a late goal, but more significant than gaining no points from the clash with Stockport was that Leeds’ players came away with no serious injuries. • Sep 22, 2015

Milton Keynes 1-2 Leeds United: Tradition & Anarchy — ‘The Leeds fans were in the wrong places’ was the crux of the complaining that came from the people who watch football in Milton Keynes after the game on Saturday. • Sep 21, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Coincidentally — A week ago I was raving wildly at the prospect of Jordan Botaka replacing Sam Byram against Brentford and stepovering the Championship to new elevations of heavenliness. It didn’t happen. • Sep 18, 2015

Leeds United 0-1 Ipswich Town: Why And When — So Silvestri, so Rosler, so Pearson, so Leeds United; they’ll sell a dvd of this, called How To Do Everything Wrong. • Sep 16, 2015

Leeds Ladies 4-2 Morecambe Ladies: Resilient Leeds Level Up to Win — Resilience has been a signature trait of Leeds Ladies FC since they came back from conceding two quick goals in their first competitive game, thirteen months ago, to win 4–2. • Sep 15, 2015

Leeds United 1-1 Brentford: Experiments — Brentford are an experiment; can the moneyball method that shook baseball be made to work in football? • Sep 14, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Botaka, Too Real — Hands up who spent an hour on YouTube this week watching multiple re-edits of the same Jordan Botaka footage? • Sep 11, 2015

Mossley Hill 0-1 Leeds Ladies: Jepson Goal Underlines Leeds Response — Leeds Ladies went to second place in the league after fighting hard for three points at Mossley Hill, to put the midweek defeat to league leaders Hull behind them. • Sep 8, 2015

Leeds Ladies 2-3 Hull City Ladies: Leeds Demand a Reaction — Leeds Ladies lost in the league for the first time since March as the division’s new side Hull City ended Leeds’ run of eight consecutive league wins. • Sep 5, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Back to The Future — Bradley Johnson is worth £6million on the open transfer market, now. And he’s worth it to teams at the top of the Championship, who ought — they reckon — to be on their way to the Premier League. • Sep 4, 2015

Middlesbrough FC Ladies 5-2 Leeds Ladies FC: Bigger Picture Counts For Leeds — Leeds Ladies went out of the FA WPL Cup to Middlesbrough on Sunday despite taking an early 2–0 lead. • Sep 2, 2015

Derby County 1-2 Leeds United: Lit Up — When you’ve got one of those lighters that just won’t draw, no matter how many times you flick it; no matter with what determination flicking turns to coaxing to relentless, grim grinding of flint against metal. And you’re dying for a cigarette. • Aug 31, 2015

The Square Ball Week: To Play For Leeds — Uwe Rosler says he has not spoken to Fernando Forestieri. “I can’t tell you if he wants to come here or not,” he says. • Aug 28, 2015

Liverpool Marshall Feds 0-3 Leeds Ladies: Statement Win Sets Leeds Standard — Leeds Ladies recorded a 3–0 win at Liverpool Marshall Feds on Sunday to let the league know they intend to be in the running for promotion this season. • Aug 25, 2015

Leeds United 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday: Half-Marathon — While Marco Silvestri’s contribution drew a lot of the ire after a win became a draw at Bristol, Uwe Rosler was keen to concentrate on the positives, as well he might. • Aug 24, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Goalkeepers Union — The pressure on Marco Silvestri didn’t start when he pushed the ball into the path of Aden Flint on Wednesday night. • Aug 21, 2015

Bristol City 2-2 Leeds United: Drawn, Quartered and Hung — After the Reading game I waxed not quite lyrically about Uwe Rosler’s determination to stick to his beliefs and philosophy, by changing things. • Aug 20, 2015

Leeds Ladies 2-1 Blackpool: Resilience and Class to Start the Season — Leeds Ladies began the new season at their new home ground with a new look team, and continued the good form of last season with a 2–1 win over Blackpool Wren Rovers. • Aug 18, 2015

Reading 0-0 Leeds United: Right Results — He’s watching and listening and he’s not afraid. That’s Uwe Rosler. • Aug 17, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Doncastargh
Of all the witless, pointless, random and violent impositions on football fans’ dwindling time, resources and stamina, League Cup First Round football on a Thursday night is on its own level of moth-in-a-dark-room irritation. • Aug 14, 2015

“We’re all wearing the Leeds shirt for the right reasons”: Emma Bentley, Leeds Ladies FC — This season, Leeds Ladies FC are taking another leap forward in their comeback after being cut adrift by Leeds United, by returning to the city to play football in their new home, sharing with Garforth Town at the J.S. White & Co. Community Stadium. • Aug 14, 2015

Leeds United 1-1 Burnley: Improving
For 89 minutes of the game on Saturday, Leeds United played as if somebody had told them they could win the league. • Aug 10, 2015

The Square Ball Week: This Happy Since…
Where’s Massimo? Where is he? Maybe we should write him a letter. It was all the rage last summer. But, that was last summer. • Aug 7, 2015

Leeds United 2-0 Everton: Ready?
As the games have drifted by, I’ve been stuck with a concern about how Leeds United were heading into a Championship season without any wins under their belt. Lining up against Burnley without knowing how it felt to win a match seemed, to me, like a risky policy. • Aug 3, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Promising History
I wonder what else they’ve got hidden in the East Stand. • Jul 31, 2015

David Batty Interview Part 5: “From being eight years old, to the end, every game was a big test for me”
“I packed in at the right time,” says David, “and maybe I should have retired a bit earlier, because my back was just killing me.” • Jul 24, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Seems Funny
It’s funny how people talk about your club’s old players. It’s funny how they talk about your club, too. • Jul 24, 2015

David Batty Interview Part 4: “As players we wanted to get there again”
Newcastle sprayed the ball around Elland Road, tracing triangles across the Yorkshire turf. Their passes were slick and precise, but there was something missing from their midfield: David Batty. David Batty was now back in Leeds’ midfield, and alongside him was Lee Bowyer, lung- bursting energy and desire that didn’t drop, whether it was to win the ball or to score with it. The passes weren’t taking Newcastle any nearer the goal, but each one allowed Bowyer and Batty nearer to the ball, honing in on it until, finally, a player is vulnerable. A loose touch and he’s lost, turning one way into Batty, then the other into Bowyer, and now there’s nowhere left to run. Batty takes the ball, passes to Bowyer, and Leeds are on the attack. • Jul 23, 2015

David Batty Interview Part 3: “I think the success we had kept me happy at Leeds”
“I think Wilko must have sensed that the players we had had gone far enough,” says David. “I was the first to go, and I was thinking I needed to go. I struggled all my career with Wilko anyway.” • Jul 22, 2015

David Batty Interview Part 2: “I used to love games coming into winter”
In the summer of 1992, Chris Fairclough’s head stopped a long Liverpool clearance, and as the ball bounced on the lush Wembley turf, David Batty brought it under control with his chest and passed it back to Chris Whyte. Batty moved into space between the three Liverpool forwards, and when he received the ball again from Whyte, he turned and ran with it towards the centre circle. He placed a smooth diagonal pass to the right, to Gary McAllister’s feet; McAllister was tackled and the ball ran loose. Gary Speed couldn’t win the next tackle, but Batty walked calmly onto the loose ball and, with a stroke of his right foot, steered the ball away from five Liverpool defenders and directly into the path of Rod Wallace. Wallace sent the ball into the space in front of him and caught up with it in the penalty area; there he turned, looked, and passed to the penalty spot and Eric Cantona. One more kick from Cantona and Leeds United, the champions of England, led in the Charity Shield, 1-0. • Jul 21, 2015

David Batty Interview Part 1: “I just used to turn up and play. And enjoy it”
It’s by far the nicest evening of the year so far, and we’re spending it with David Batty in his garden in North Yorkshire. The sun is shining, and his wife Mandy has served up an enormous chocolate cake. The twins George and Jack are relaxing with the family dog, Reggie; and the only intrusions on David’s peace and quiet are the sounds of birds singing in the trees and sheep bleating in the fields around him, and us, asking daft questions about the rumours about what he’s been doing since he retired from football when he left Leeds United in 2004. • Jul 20, 2015

The Square Ball Week: On The Pitch — Luke Murphy doesn’t immediately seem to have a lot in common with Raheem Sterling. On point haircuts? • Jul 17, 2015

York City 1–1 Leeds United: Assistance Required — By way of explaining that this game lacked lustre, here is a list of the names I heard sung by Leeds fans in the first half. • Jul 16, 2015

David Batty: Vital Signs — • Jul 15, 2015

David Batty • The City Talking: Leeds 26
A few weeks ago we went to David Batty’s house and talked things over for a few hours. • Jul 14, 2015

Harrogate Town 1–1 Leeds United: What We Saw — There’s not much to say about preseason friendlies, and so sometimes a code of honour can descend. This game was only about fitness, Uwe Rösler warned in advance, and so it can feel like we should confine our comments to fitness, and not speak of other things we saw. • Jul 13, 2015

The Square Ball Week: What Goes Into a Leeds Shirt — The new kit is officially out and pre-season is about to kick off properly, beyond Thorp Arch; and footballers in white shirts and shorts kicking a ball is all I want to know about now. • Jul 10, 2015

The Square Ball Week: The Story of the Season — A few weeks ago I wrote here about watching a Lee Erwin highlights video and feeling inexplicably sad, and tried to explain it. Something about John Sheridan, Noel Whelan, and knowing that ahead of every moment of glory in football, is a moment, or many, of failure. • Jul 3, 2015

The Square Ball Week: More Bang For Our Bamba
It might be unkind to call Nicola Salerno a quitter, or to accuse him of flouncing at the drop of a napkin, or to suggest that he gets more vapours than a Georgian dandy. But there’s evidence for the claim. • Jun 26, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Place Making
It’s all falling into place; as, irresistibly, it does every season. June may be unseasonable this year, but football’s calendar has a stronger pull than the turning of spring to summer. • Jun 19, 2015

The Square Ball Week: Get Friendly — • Jun 12, 2015

The Square Ball Week: 459 Days of Vinnie — • Jun 5, 2015