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Leeds United, 2016/17

The Square Ball Week: Jonny, We’re Sorry — I was already thinking of what might have been on the day Jonny Howson was sold to Norwich. Although, before becoming nostalgic about the future, I’d got the present situation wrong. Right now is always the hardest time to interpret. • May 19, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Charlie Says — Last to leave and least lamented, Charlie Taylor has spoiled everything at the last moment. Of all the bowling balls aimed at the ten pins of Leeds United in recent seasons, I didn’t expect the last of the Cellino era to be rolled by one of our own. • May 12, 2017

Wigan Athletic 1-14 Leeds United: Oh The Humanity — Chris Wood had equalised, but he wasn’t laughing. “Thirty, mate?” he said. “Make it forty.” “Forty?” asked Stuart Dallas. “I want forty, and you guys chip in,” said Wood. “The play-offs, mate. The play-offs.” • May 7, 2017

Leeds United 3-3 Norwich City: Lessons in Letting Go — The theme of recent weeks has been learning. As Leeds United’s season has faded from possible glory to improbable failure, anxiety has grown around this season’s push for promotion, but more around next season’s hopes. If this season was to come to nothing, as eventually it did, we had to ensure that it counted for something. It yet might. Leeds United’s liquid progress can’t be allowed to evaporate in the heat of the coming summer. • May 1, 2017

The Square Ball Week: In Focus — Amid all the comparisons between this season and Leeds United a quarter of a century ago, the roles that haven’t been reprised by today’s actors are those in the boardroom. • Apr 28, 2017

Burton Albion 2-1 Leeds United: The Drain — The cheerleaders completed the picture. Leeds United only know goal music as an enemy sound, and long may that be the case, but Tom Hark means a goal conceded. Cheerleaders? That’s something else. But as they wiggled and shook in the corner of the Pirelli Stadium, they were stamping their dainty feet all over Leeds United’s grave. • Apr 24, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Do You Want To Win? — As I sat in his living room, asked questions, and listened to the answers, the decor faded away, my colleagues and their cameras faded away, and all that was left was Howard Wilkinson, illuminated like a buddha in the darkness, talking about how Leeds United won the First Division championship in 1992. And I felt, for a few moments, as if I was watching an interview on television. • Apr 21, 2017

Leeds United 0-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Scenario — There’s an indignity about playing Wolves. They turn up season after season, after ironing a sponsor onto their Puma teamwear kit, with an expensive team, managed by someone completely different to last time, never with a prayer of promotion. They’re a reminder that you’re in the Championship. They’re a warning that they could be you. • Apr 18, 2017

Newcastle United 1-1 Leeds United: All About Leeds — Rob Green had more touches than Chris Wood, and the game belonged to both of them, watching and waiting at either end of the pitch, and coming alive when it mattered: frequently, in Green’s case, eventually, in Wood’s case, importantly, in both cases. • Apr 15, 2017

Leeds United 3-0 Preston North End: Front Foot — If Leeds United keep playing like they did against Preston North End, it’ll be as much fun as Grayson’s teams ever were. • Apr 10, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Fail To Prepare — Failure comes to every football club. Are Leeds United prepared to fail with Garry Monk? • Apr 7, 2017

Brentford 2-0 Leeds United: Confidence, Man — The problem with the first half was that Brentford were playing much, much better than Leeds United, and scored twice. • Apr 5, 2017

Reading 1-0 Leeds United: Olé, Oi! — Selection questions, and how much they are due to Garry Monk’s whimsical tastes, were a big question before the trip to Reading. • Apr 3, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Lambo Mambo — The international break is always an odd time, but this one has kept us busy at Leeds United. • Mar 31, 2017

The Square Ball Week: High Maintenance — With ten minutes of a resounding 4-0 win over Stoke City remaining, one of Howard Wilkinson’s first significant victories as Leeds United manager, the board went up for a substitution. David Batty was coming on. • Mar 24, 2017

Leeds United 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion: Cryptic Principles — The song still works if you change the players. As Luke Ayling was suspended, there was plenty of time to practice before this game. • Mar 20, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Being There — Eighteen players strode out on to the Elland Road pitch on the day in May 1992 when, before a 1-0 win over Norwich, Leeds United were crowned First Division champions. • Mar 17, 2017

Leeds United 0-0 QPR: Don’t Feel Down — If somebody said to you after this game that you shouldn’t feel too down about things, and reminded you that Leeds United are still fourth in the league, you should cherish that person, for they care about you, and you should heed their good advice now and in the future. • Mar 13, 2017

The Square Ball Week: You Make Me Feel So Weak — After the Fulham match LUFCData’s ever-interesting Twitter account offered up some stats that were interesting in the same way that watching an alien autopsy would be interesting, which is to say, they were terrifying. • Mar 10, 2017

Fulham 1-1 Leeds United: Do It Like This — For a big game, a really big game, you don’t want any of this. Not a promotion decider, or a game that would settle the play-offs, but a big old influencer of fates for Fulham and Leeds United, of which Leeds United’s is our concern here. • Mar 8, 2017

Birmingham City 1- 3 Leeds United: Seriously Right — Garry Monk in the stands, Pep Clotet and James Beattie on the touchline, Leeds in all-white on the pitch, and Nikola Zigic nowhere to be seen. His old lack of quality haunted the match anyway. • Mar 4, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Remember This Way — For the last few months, while I’ve been making a film and writing a book about Leeds United’s rise under Howard Wilkinson, the inside of my head has looked a lot like the years 1988 to 1992. • Mar 3, 2017

Leeds United 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday: Everything Forever — This game had everything you could possibly want from a game of football, and lots of it in the 54th minute. • Feb 27, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Levels — This week I watched a video of Scott Wootton running in a straight line. • Feb 24, 2017

Ipswich Town 1-1 Leeds United: Welcome to the Championship — It’s a cold heart that has never warmed to Mick McCarthy. I like him. I wonder sometimes if he might be Leeds United manager one day; I wish sometimes that he already had been. • Feb 20, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Some Goalkeepers I Have Seen — Mervyn Day. • Feb 17, 2017

Leeds United 2-1 Bristol City: Do What You Gotta — Garry Monk had to change things after Saturday, and not only because Liam Bridcutt was suspended. • Feb 15, 2017

Leeds United 0-2 Cardiff City: Valentine’s Dead — Neil Warnock is a pox on football, a pest, a blight; if he was a building, neighbours would campaign for his demolition, to stop people lighting fires on his derelict rubble-strewn floors and pets being injured climbing across the shattered glass of his broken windows. • Feb 13, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Lost Outside The Tunnel — Recently I had the great pleasure of talking about some things with Howard Wilkinson; of which we’ll talk more another time. • Feb 10, 2017

Huddersfield Town 2-1 Leeds United: The Better Team — There are several irritating things about Huddersfield Town these days, irritating because they’re true. The ones we have to deal with right now are the fact that their team was better than ours in this game and deserved to win; and that, at the moment, they represent the standard Leeds United have to reach. • Feb 6, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Young Guns Gone — Football comes at you fast in the closing days and hours of the transfer window, so much so that Leeds United have lost and won since Alex Mowatt was sold, and his departure feels like it was a long, long time ago. • Feb 3, 2017

Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Leeds United: Undo Pressure — Ten changes were the pre-match team news, but that wasn’t quite the whole story. These were less changes, more a reversion, putting players back where they ought to be. • Feb 2, 2017

Sutton United 1-0 Leeds United: Play to Lose — Naming a reserve side for an FA Cup match ought to be a bulletproof tactic. It protects your first team from injury or suspension, and against a non-league team, even one fired up by Ian Baird, they still ought to be able to win. And if they don’t win, well, your team’s reputation should survive; it’s not like it’s the first team getting beaten out there. • Jan 30, 2017

The Square Ball Week: If A Goal Falls In The Wood — Wednesday should have been his night. Twenty goals before the end of January is no mean feat, especially for a player who, since he signed for Leeds United, has at times seemed weighed down by his banjo, unable to locate Billy Paynter to hit it with. • Jan 27, 2017

Leeds United 2-0 Nottingham Forest: Doukaragooooooool — This didn’t feel like a night when reputations would be made, or memories fixed in history. • Jan 25, 2017

Barnsley 3-2 Leeds United: Normalising — A winter afternoon, and red against blue, like an old fussball table or a Subbuteo starter kit, and, in this age of squads and rotation, an unchanged lineup for Leeds United, as part of Garry Monk’s continuing mission to put football and normality back at the heart of Leeds United. • Jan 23, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Virtual Radrizzani — The last time we heard about a previously unknown Italian businessman selling his old interests so he could buy Leeds United, it sounded like an empty threat made in a fit of pique. • Jan 20, 2017

Leeds United 1-0 Derby County: Yeeeeeerrrss — Statistics can, as Reading have recently shown to great effect against Leeds United and then this week against QPR, be used to suck all the joy and fun out of the game of association football. • Jan 14, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Changes Are No Good — This is the moment when it all goes wrong, right? The ides of march, the tides of thundersnow. January, you leave Leeds defenceless. • Jan 13, 2017

Cambridge United 1-2 Leeds United: The Ick of The FA Cup — When the magic of The FA Cup means Matt Grimes in midfield, you do have to wonder if the naysayers don’t have a point: take it out, put it out of its misery, let everyone stop pretending they’re not obsessed with league football — or, as it’s also known, money. • Jan 10, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Leaving Leeds United — One of the odder bits of half-forgotten flim-flam that found its way on to my laptop during Massimo Cellino’s time at Elland Road is a screenshot from YouTube of a video, ‘Cagliarifornia’, by a Sardinian rap group called Alter Ego. • Jan 6, 2017

Leeds United 3-0 Rotherham United: Carry On — By the end every third pass was a backheel, every second pass a flick; every foul was against Leeds United, for a player zealously chasing a stray backheel or flick that had erroneously found a Rotherham foot. • Jan 3, 2017

Aston Villa 1-1 Leeds United: Can’t Dream a Dream — Leeds United’s recent theme has been coping with the changes injuries throw at them, but one area that has remained blessedly unchanged has been the defence. Since Pontus Jansson arrived, it has picked itself. • Dec 29, 2016

Preston North End 1-4 Leeds United: Who Can’t Wait? — Characteristic of Leeds United’s charge to the top of the Championship has been the ability to cope without the first eleven’s favourite stars. • Dec 27, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Real White Memories — I had thought a few months ago that I might like to write something about David White. • Dec 23, 2016

Leeds United 1-0 Brentford: Winning Anyway — The theme of the week at Elland Road has been boredom, after Reading’s non-performance and Jaap Stam’s weirdly personal defence of it. For most of this game, Brentford and Leeds United stayed stoically on trend. • Dec 19, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Pure Numbers — Part of loving football is being curious about what other people love about it; curious, and judgemental. • Dec 16, 2016

Leeds United 2-0 Reading: Jaap Stam’s Circus Comes to Town — Oh, but there haven’t been many laughs at Elland Road these past few years, and who could have predicted Leeds versus Reading would be the game to have the fans rolling in the aisles? • Dec 13, 2016

Brighton 2-0 Leeds United: Control — If this run of games I keep referring to — Newcastle, Liverpool, Villa, Brighton, Reading — wasn’t to end in table topping glory, it was going to have to be a learning experience. • Dec 10, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Dead Weight Descendants — There’s a deal of sensitivity around trigger warnings these days, to protect sufferers of post-traumatic stress. With that in mind, the Football League might have been kind enough to excuse Leeds from their trip to Brighton. • Dec 9, 2016

Leeds United 2-0 Aston Villa: Announcing Leeds United, 2016/17 — On a cold weekend in late November 1991, Leeds United went to Villa Park, home of presumptive title contenders Aston Villa, and put on a show that wowed the nation. • Dec 5, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Right About Now, 50/50 — The magic of the League Cup. It’s not a phrase much used by football romantics. Even if you win it — in February — it will have to take its place between whatever league fixtures are pressing at the time; you can’t even celebrate properly with more games ahead, instead of the endless summer that follows a league title or FA Cup win. • Dec 2, 2016

Liverpool 2-0 Leeds United: Close Commitment — Who would be a football manager, when it comes to the League Cup? • Nov 30, 2016

Rotherham United 1-2 Leeds United: No Free Passes — Jesus Christ. Well, he wasn’t playing, in either his Pontus or Pablo form. Leeds United coped well without Jansson, but oh, what might Hernandez have done in this game? • Nov 28, 2016

The Square Ball Week: No Pablo, No Pontus, No Point — A thought I had after Leeds United lost to Newcastle last weekend was that Leeds would be a fantastic club to follow right now if only the team didn’t have to play any others. • Nov 25, 2016

Leeds United 0-2 Newcastle United: Experience The Fairytale — The full house didn’t so much melt away from Elland Road after this match as congeal around the drains, slowing the already sluggish march away from the ground. • Nov 21, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Talking — There’s a new issue of The Square Ball fanzine out on Sunday; we’ve just been nominated (again) for the Football Supporters’ Federation Fanzine of the Year award, and we’ll be selling the new issue to the biggest crowd at Elland Road in years, so there’s a lot to celebrate. Thanks, by the way, if you nominated us. • Nov 18, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Presidential Pieces — It’s been a pleasure over the last few weeks not only to watch Leeds United winning games and scoring good goals, but to able to write down thoughts about their progress without mentioning Massimo Cellino. • Nov 11, 2016

Norwich City 2-3 Leeds United: Love Answers — The pre-match questions about Leeds United’s trip to Norwich City crystallised in one question before kick-off, which was, Was it right to start with Souleymane Doukara? • Nov 7, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Unbearable Nowness of Selling Out — Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. There’s one truism we can — and that often is — co-opt for football reasons. • Nov 4, 2016

Leeds United 2-0 Burton Albion: Instant Replay — I used to measure the darkness of the Evans and Milanic eras by the timing of the first replay on the big screen at Elland Road, when it wasn’t unusual for Leeds United to get through an entire game without doing anything that was working watching twice. • Oct 31, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Missing — As ticket sales ticked up on Monday and more of Elland Road was opening for the game with Norwich City, I wondered what all these people were expecting. • Oct 28, 2016

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 Leeds United: Momentum — Stephen McPhail’s retirement this weekend reignited some good old debates about the career of the player Eddie Gray was convinced would outshine any of Leeds United’s other Academy products of the nineties. • Oct 24, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Gary Sprake — Goalkeepers occupy an odd, sad, position in football. • Oct 21, 2016

Leeds United 1-1 Wigan Athletic: No Substitute — As my car creeped towards Elland Road, I heard Garry Monk saying something on BBC Radio Leeds about how there’s always a special atmosphere for night games, and I thought about the platitudes football managers trot out. • Oct 19, 2016

Derby County 1-0 Leeds United: Some Motion — The right changes in the right places have transformed Leeds United this season, putting diamond formations in the past and diamond players in key positions. • Oct 17, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Patterns of Play — When the 17th October 2019 comes around, it will be one hundred years to the day since scandal-hit Leeds City’s players were auctioned off at the Metropole Hotel, and City’s fans met at Salem Church Hall to organise a new football club: Leeds United. • Oct 14, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Korsten — There’s a story in the squad numbers at Leeds United for 1998/99 season, the story of how everything changed. • Oct 7, 2016

Leeds United 2-1 Barnsley: Too Good — By now you’ve probably heard about how good Leeds United were in this game; that this, the fifth win in six matches, was the best of the lot. • Oct 3, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Twenty Percent of Total Trash — It’s time to stop talking about Revie, Bremner, Collins, Charles. We can talk about them again later, but not now. • Sep 29, 2016

Bristol City 1-0 Leeds United: End to End — The first ten minutes of this game looked like a bust for Leeds United, as Bristol City made themselves comfortable on the edge of our eighteen yard box, and life uncomfortable for our defence. • Sep 28, 2016

Leeds United 1-0 Ipswich Town: New Complaint — The last Saturday afternoon match at Elland Road ended with a torrent of rancour aimed at the cowering players, whose performances had embraced every awful synonym for terrible as they allowed Huddersfield Town to beat them 1-0. • Sep 26, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Not a Care in The Cup — Not going to the League Cup match against Blackburn Rovers this midweek left me queasy and dissatisfied, gazing bleakly into the future. • Sep 23, 2016

Cardiff City 0-2 Leeds United: No Fuss — After the non-performance against Huddersfield, Leeds United needed these two games, against Blackburn and Cardiff, to find some sort of firm footing on which to start building some sort of season. • Sep 19, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Identity — Garry Monk’s prickly interview with the BBC’s Adam Pope after the defeat to Huddersfield Town made identity the word of the week, for a couple of days. • Sep 16, 2016

Leeds United 2-1 Blackburn Rovers: The Most Important Thing — It’s been a long time since Leeds United fans at Elland Road have been left open-mouthed in wonder at the wayward, savage power stored within nature’s mysterious creations. Since Rodolph Austin left, in fact. • Sep 14, 2016

Leeds United 0-1 Huddersfield Town: Forever Feeling — Pontus Jansson looked composed as he calmly passed the ball to his partner at centre-half, Kyle Bartley. Bartley didn’t rush things from there, maintaining possession and scanning the field ahead of him for an opportunity to play the ball forward. Liam Bridcutt, the new captain, showed for the ball and took it, turning to see how the game had developed. He couldn’t see an obvious way to penetrate the Huddersfield Town players, so he kept the ball moving, back to Jansson. • Sep 12, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Group — “The group is the group,” said Garry Monk at his press conference this week. It is what it is, and we are where we, and here we go, again. • Sep 9, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Dead Running — An imaginary footballer and mystifying Instagram photos. That’s definitely what Leeds United needed out of transfer deadline day. Amadou Haidara, you were no Andrea Tabanelli. • Sep 2, 2016

Nottingham Forest 3-1 Leeds United: Continuing Theme — Leeds United continued in some very same-old ways at Nottingham Forest, and are finding habits difficult to lose and form hard to gain. • Aug 29, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Stories Are Not For Sale — The man on the platform opened a can of cheap lager and drank, as if gulping away another mundane day of paper shuffling. • Aug 26, 2016

Sheffield Wednesday 0-2 Leeds United: Change Given — While Fulham knocked the ball quickly from player to player around and inside the Leeds United penalty area on Tuesday night, a voice in the crowd piped up, ‘That’s how you do it, Leeds! That’s how you play football!’ • Aug 22, 2016

The Square Ball Week: So Serious — ‘The match was frankly awful,’ reads the Leeds United match report I have in front of me. ‘It was our worst performance of the season … like decrepit donkeys pacing up and down Blackpool beach. • Aug 19, 2016

Leeds United 1-1 Fulham: Point Unproven — It’s never good to hear a Leeds United player being booed by the Elland Road crowd. Worse, though, is seeing a Leeds United player running to the crowd with his ear cupped, as if he’s proving a point; at least the fans are always on the right side of the ticket/wages transaction in this argument. • Aug 17, 2016

Leeds United 1-2 Birmingham City: Let Them Play — The pleasure of Pablo Hernandez’s performance at Fleetwood in midweek was that he was everywhere, doing everything, his influence only limited by how quickly he could get across the grass to take part, and lead, the play. • Aug 15, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Newness & Old Feeling — The dissatisfied clamour was growing. Wednesday threatened to be the perfect storm; a day and night that would doom this coming Saturday to relentless drizzle. • Aug 12, 2016

Fleetwood Town 2-2 Leeds United: Start Soon — Pablo Hernandez looks good. The blue away kit looks good. Pablo Hernandez in the blue away kit looks good, so let’s not look too far past that, if we can help it. • Aug 11, 2016

QPR 3-0 Leeds United: Get With It — “It was a kick up the backside,” said Leeds United’s new defender Kyle Bartley, and after being kicked up the backside Bartley and his teammates should do the decent thing, turn around, and receive the matching kick in the groin that every Leeds fan watching this game received as reward for their pre-season optimism. • Aug 8, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Leeds United, Day After Tomorrow — The Olympics have barely started, so I really don’t know what business the 2016/17 season of the English Football League Championship has beginning already. • Aug 5, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Wishing For It — Sam Allardyce for England. It’s the culmination of all Mike Bassett banter; every Dave Hockaday joke now dies on the lips. England’s greatest exports: tea, punk, and now, four four fucking two. Assuming, that is, the world will buy it. • Jul 29, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Now There’s A Whole New Image — Leicester City 2016 have Leeds United 1992 beat in the unlikely stakes, but if you’re lucky enough to have seen both of these great against all odds league title wins, then Leicester’s might have given you a faint sense of déjà vu. • Jul 22, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Try To Compete — The news of Lewis Cook’s sale to Bournemouth dropped while I was writing for this column last week, and my mood dropped along with it. There wasn’t much coherent analysis going on here, although that probably doesn’t matter. We’ve sold the best young academy player of a generation. What more is there to analyse? • Jul 14, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Emosh — The writing hand emoji was, according to Emojipedia, approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in June 1993. • Jul 8, 2016

“This Is The Lows” — Stevie Ward, Leeds Rhinos — “You would struggle to write that in a script,” says Stevie Ward of Leeds Rhinos, as we recall the moment when Danny McGuire kicked the ball towards the touchline at Huddersfield, in the final seconds of Super League XX, and Ryan Hall collected it on the run. • Jul 1, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Don’t Get Involved — An unexpected way of dealing with England’s unwanted exit from the European Championships is to point out, to people who know you have a deep and enduring love of football, that this is exactly why you hate football and would never recommend loving it to anyone. • Jul 1, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Imagining Antonsson — I have certain preconceptions about Scandinavian footballers that came straight to mind when I heard Leeds United might sign Marcus Antonsson from Kalmar in Sweden. • Jun 24, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Enjoy The Football — It’s Thursday afternoon, and you feel tense and nervous; staring sullenly into the middle distance, you make a fist just so your middle-finger can scratch your palm. There’s no itch there; it’s a cooling, hopefully calming sensation. • Jun 17, 2016

The Square Ball Week: Blue — Whether Massimo Cellino brings the attention on himself, or people just love to give attention to Massimo Cellino, is a perennial question, and we’ll contribute to the debate by making this column not about Massimo Cellino. • Jun 10, 2016

The Square Ball Week: The Mad Monk — “From the moment I sat down with him,” said The Garry, in an interview with Thom Kirwin on LUTV, before the press conference that announced him to a world agog as Leeds United’s manager/head coachey bloke, “just his knowledge about football is incredible.” • Jun 3, 2016