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Leeds United, 2017/18

The Square Ball Week: It’s Trad, Rad • The Square Ball — The revival of tradition is supposed to be a good thing for football clubs, because things were much better in the olden days. • May 31, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Football Ruins Everything • The Square Ball — Those might be the three truest words in all 300 of these columns. • May 17, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Adrift • The Square Ball — Somebody needs to get the oars out and get this slow boat moving. • May 17, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Here For Football • The Square Ball — The joy, the sheer joy of football for the fans who come to watch. • May 10, 2018

Leeds United 2-0 Queens Park Rangers: In Dreams Begin, Again • The Square Ball — Here’s football, at Leeds United. It was not a dream. • May 7, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Statuesque • The Square Ball — The class of Leeds United, 2017/18. • Apr 29, 2018

Norwich City 2-1 Leeds United: Memories • The Square Ball — Norwich City vs Leeds United in April 2018 will be forgotten, and it deserves to be, so much so that it feels irresponsible to write this report and preserve any of it. • Apr 29, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Enjoy The Game • The Square Ball — Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the game. • Apr 26, 2018

Leeds United 2-1 Barnsley: Worth Talking About • The Square Ball — The first staging of Heckingbottom Cup Final was as bland a serving of grey potatoes as it sounds. • Apr 22, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Depending • The Square Ball — This is not the way I thought this season would turn out. • Apr 19, 2018

Aston Villa 1-0 Leeds United: Feet Out The Door • The Square Ball — Jay-Roy Grot, six-feet-four, who sleeps in the kitchen with his feet out the door, he can now be dragged out of the kitchen by those feet and dumped by the bins • Apr 14, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Worth Watching • The Square Ball — Football is a kind of theatre, and Leeds United have been filling up the stage at Elland Road with barely drawn minor characters. • Apr 12, 2018

Preston North End 3-1 Leeds United: Heads Watch • The Square Ball — Away Leeds United limped, over the Pennines to play Preston North End, like the idiot soldier doomed to die first in a war film. For a moment you think that, with enough pluck, they just might get away with it. Then they step on a landmine. • Apr 11, 2018

Leeds United 1-1 Sunderland: Dragging • The Square Ball — There’s an old adage about never arguing with an idiot, because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. • Apr 8, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Knowhow • The Square Ball — Football supporters have so much more to offer than season ticket renewals and holding up cardboard signs to spell hashtags. • Apr 5, 2018

Fulham 2-0 Leeds United: Simple Things • The Square Ball — If they could stop looking and start doing, they might find that football is an easier game than they’re making it look. • Apr 4, 2018

Leeds United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers: Now & Next • The Square Ball — There were some desperately needed reminders in this match that not all of Leeds United’s players are as desperately bad as they seem, and some of them might even get better. • Apr 1, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Budget of Belief • The Square Ball — Christianity’s calendar now brings us Easter, at the end of Lent, forty days during which people gave things up: like chocolate, or if you’re a Leeds United fan, hope. • Mar 29, 2018

Leeds United 1-2 Sheffield Wednesday: Angry vs Angrier • The Square Ball — The only antidote to angry Leeds fans I can think of right now is angry Leeds players. We’ve got one. Ten to go. • Mar 18, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Peter Rabbit • The Square Ball — Peter Ridsdale used to wear the same expression in interviews, answer questions in the same tone. • Mar 15, 2018

Reading 2-2 Leeds United: Win Some • The Square Ball — Drawing this one hurts more than losing to Wolves did because I was so sure, so certain, so confident, that we would beat Reading, who are awful. • Mar 11, 2018

Leeds United 0-3 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Beatings Per Feeling • The Square Ball — At least that’s now over, and some fairly extraordinary things will have to happen before we play a league match with this Wolverhampton Wanderers team again. • Mar 8, 2018

Middlesbrough 3-0 Leeds United: Nothing To Be Done • The Square Ball — Middlesbrough vs Leeds United went ahead in the English Football League Championship as planned, and nothing happened. Nothing new, anyway. • Mar 3, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Is This Thing On? • The Square Ball — Will Middlesbrough vs Leeds United be on or off? In a way it doesn’t even matter if the game goes ahead or not. • Mar 1, 2018

Leeds United 1-0 Brentford: Carried Near • The Square Ball — Over the last month Elland Road has been vocal and volatile in defeat, noisy about defeatism, roaring defiantly towards one single league point. • Feb 25, 2018

Derby County 2-2 Leeds United: In The Fields • The Square Ball — We’ll banish De Bock, Cooper and the rest to Coventry, and go giddily into the fields with our post-punishment Samu. We can let Heckingbottom retire to his shed and his pocket knife, to think on. • Feb 22, 2018

Leeds United 2-2 Bristol City: Where The Heart Is • The Square Ball — There was no love at Elland Road for the first hour of the game with Bristol City, but Leeds United played without the heart required to earn any. • Feb 19, 2018

The Square Ball Week: The Unbearable Leedsness of Being • The Square Ball — How do you change Leeds United, when it’s so determined to stay the same? • Feb 15, 2018

Sheffield United 2-1 Leeds United: Sorting Out • The Square Ball — It’s hard to tell if this was the first game of the Paul Heckingbottom era, the last game of the Thomas Christiansen era, the latest game of the Victor Orta era, or just a continuance of the Leeds United era. • Feb 11, 2018

The Square Ball Week: The Old Feelings Came Back • The Square Ball — One of the things I’ve been most grateful for this season has been the banishment of the Elland Road I used to dread, as I trudged with weary duty there and back each winter. • Feb 8, 2018

Leeds United 1-4 Cardiff City: Clouds & Curses • The Square Ball — So what happened on Saturday? Leeds United tried to play football, but that wasn’t the only thing that depressed upon us from the cosmos. • Feb 4, 2018

The Square Ball Week: 23 Into 11 • The Square Ball — Where do young players come from? About Leeds United and their U23s • Feb 1, 2018

Hull City 0-0 Leeds United: Second Division • The Square Ball — They can call it The Championship all they want, but this is definitely the second division. • Jan 31, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Symbol Lies • The Square Ball — The ‘salute crest’, 2018-2018, unless it rises on the third day, did at least achieve one of its objectives, by catapulting Leeds United back into the big time: back where we belong. • Jan 25, 2018

Leeds United 3-4 Millwall: Write Your Own Legend • The Square Ball — There’s a chance for Leeds United to decide how they’ll be remembered. This game has gone now, but much will depend on what we end up remembering of it. • Jan 22, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Winter Dreams • The Square Ball — With two key weaknesses addressed, it’s difficult to argue on Thursday, as many did on Monday, that this transfer window’s opportunities to improve the team are being wilfully and flagrantly ignored. • Jan 18, 2018

Ipswich Town 1-0 Leeds United: Ill Behaviour • The Square Ball — An avoidable incident is not avoided, goalscoring chances are not taken, a situation is not defended, and a winnable game is not won. Leeds United didn’t do much wrong at Portman Road, but they didn’t get much right either. • Jan 14, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Real Transfers • The Square Ball — Imagine a quiet January, they said. Likely not much happening, they said. On track to achieve our targets, they said. • Jan 11, 2018

Newport County 2-1 Leeds United: Clear Light • The Square Ball — For the next week, I’m watching Berardi’s goal on a loop, because I want to remember what it felt like to know that football can be pure. • Jan 7, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Brave or Foolish? • The Square Ball — 2018 begins, and Leeds United have found a new way of making people unhappy, by being sixth from top of the Championship as the transfer window opens. • Jan 4, 2018

Leeds United 0-0 Nottingham Forest: The One & Only • The Square Ball — Although I’d buy a ticket to any solo performance by Samu Saiz, at Leeds United games, there are ten others there who can’t be ignored. Whether they can be improved is the question. • Jan 2, 2018

Birmingham City 1-0 Leeds United: U-G-L-Y • The Square Ball — This was worse than losing ugly: this was losing hideous. Losing grotesque, losing atrocious. Losing repulsive, frightful and wicked. Losing wretched, miserable and bad. Losing grisly, losing loathsome. Losing stinking, revolting and sour. I mean, I could go on. I have an excellent thesaurus. • Dec 31, 2017

Burton Albion 1-2 Leeds United: Old School Glory • The Square Ball — There ought to be a damn good explanation for not beating Burton Albion 5-0 within an hour again, because a 2-1 win makes it look like Leeds United have only got worse since that glorious afternoon. • Dec 27, 2017

Leeds United 1-0 Hull City: Always There • The Square Ball — Pablo Hernandez chipped Alan McGregor, and it was agony at the northern end of the ground, watching the ball to see where it would drop — in the net, or in among the scarves in the South Stand. • Dec 24, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Be Humble • The Square Ball — This Christmas our history tells us that, far from being cursed, the Leeds United left-back position is very, very blessed. • Dec 21, 2017

Leeds United 1-0 Norwich City: Closing Down • The Square Ball — Samu Saiz and the post, Jay-Roy Grot and the jeers, Leeds United and the 1-0 win. • Dec 17, 2017

The Square Ball Week: History Squared • The Square Ball — How Bremner Square can open the door to Leeds United’s history • Dec 14, 2017

QPR 1-3 Leeds United: What We Learned • The Square Ball — All we really know, is that we don’t know. Except that, there might be more to know about some of these players than we’ve found out so far. • Dec 10, 2018

The Square Ball Week: Finishing Touch • The Square Ball — When Leeds United go to QPR this weekend, Victor Orta should take a contract, and bring home a striker. • Dec 7, 2017

Leeds United 1-1 Aston Villa: Street Spirit • The Square Ball — Leeds United might lack the quality to win promotion this season, but they’re not lacking the spleen to give it a bloody good go. • Dec 2, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Happiness & The Way • The Square Ball — Why am I not mad as hell, and happy to take it? About wondering why I’m not angry about Leeds United FC. • Nov 30, 2017

Barnsley 0-2 Leeds United: Sunlight & Starlight • The Square Ball — Leeds United are coming out of the shade, back towards the light. • Nov 26, 2017

Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-1 Leeds United: Accounting • The Square Ball — What Leeds United learned about Wolves last night is less important than learning from Wolves last season. • Nov 23, 2017

Leeds United 2-1 Middlesbrough: Spectacle • The Square Ball — Kemar Roofe combining stepovers and strength, Pablo Hernandez playing a first time cross as accurate as a paper plane with a guidance system, Ezgjan Alioski cracking the ball into the roof of the net, and Leeds United’s players piling into the front of the Kop. That’s the kind of visual spectacle I like. • Nov 20, 2017

The Square Ball Week: No White Flags • The Square Ball — How togetherness and a long term vision at Leeds United mean more than waving flags around. • Nov 16, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Platinum Bratwurst • The Square Ball — About highlights, sausages, and moving far from home. • Nov 9, 2017

Brentford 3-1 Leeds United: Get Real Together • The Square Ball — Win as a team, lose as a team, take responsibility as a team, and improve as a team — together. And fast. • Nov 5, 2017

The Square Ball Week: New Details • The Square Ball — Leeds United believe Thomas Christiansen can and analyse and coach them to the top. Can he coach everything Leeds need? • Nov 2, 2017

Leeds United 1-2 Derby County: Heads Switch • The Square Ball — One great hour is great, but it isn’t good enough. • Nov 1, 2017

Leeds United 1-2 Sheffield United: Momentum • The Square Ball — First of all, I love you Leeds United. But, first of all, we have to talk about how good Sheffield United are. Have they ever been this good since 1898? Can they get better than they are right now? Why are they so much better than Leeds? • Oct 28, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Evolution of Airpunching • The Square Ball — Pontus gonna Pontus. But Pontus is also gonna change. • Oct 26, 2017

Leicester City 3-1 Leeds United: Deserved Reserves • The Square Ball — Leeds United’s one to eleven are capable of heaven. Twelve to twenty-two will just have to do. • Oct 24, 2017

Bristol City 0-3 Leeds United: Earning The Right • The Square Ball — Against Bristol City, Thomas Christiansen put down a marker of his credentials, that deserves to remembered • Oct 22, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Step Forward • The Square Ball — If Leeds can’t be confident about the next step now, starting from here, how will we ever have the confidence to step forward again? • Oct 19, 2017

Leeds United 0-1 Reading: Evolution of Nerves • The Square Ball — Before we change everything, shouldn’t we ask why Leeds aren’t doing better at what they’re trying to do now? • Oct 15, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Developing • The Square Ball — When Leeds United moved to Thorp Arch, it was meant to be forever. When they move to Matthew Murray School, can that be forever too? • Oct 12, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Are You Experienced? • The Square Ball — This is the squad Thomas Christiansen has been given to work with at Leeds United: full of potential, yes, but also full of inconsistency, questions, underdevelopment, inexperience. • Oct 5, 2017

Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 Leeds United: Bigger Bruises • The Square Ball — Leeds United’s season has reached the point where we’re taking refuge in Smiths lyrics. • Oct 1, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Portrait of a Winner • The Square Ball — About Jack Charlton, Leeds United, and winning. Everything. • Sep 28, 2017

Cardiff City 3-1 Leeds United: Stupid Game • The Square Ball — Football’s a simple game that will make you look like an idiot. What you can’t do in football is give Neil Warnock the chance to gloat. • Sep 26, 2017

Leeds United 3-2 Ipswich Town: Easy The Hard Way • The Square Ball — Leeds United took on the sour, dour and dangerous; and should have won by more. • Sep 24, 2017

Burnley 2-2 Leeds United: Heavy Feathers • The Square Ball — The Carabao is a difficult cup to enjoy, but Leeds United’s penalties runneth over. • Sep 20, 2017

Millwall 1-0 Leeds United: Just The Way We Are • The Square Ball — Football is a battle on the pitch but a war on the training ground. • Sep 17, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Two Spirits • The Square Ball — Leeds United and Samu Saiz are better matched than we could have imagined. • Sep 14, 2017

Leeds United 2-0 Birmingham City: Earnest • The Square Ball — What we hadn’t seen yet was the new Leeds United’s collective capacity for tenacity, for rolling against the odds. • Sep 13, 2017

Leeds United 5-0 Burton Albion: In Dreams Begin • The Square Ball — This is football, football as a dream, or many dreams, a sequence of vivid images bursting out of your unconsciousness, bold with the confidence of strong alcohol pumping through your blood stream and enlivening your brain. • Sep 10, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Tech, Tact, Emotion • The Square Ball — Leeds United has always built its identity from its youth players. What happens when they’re as strange to us as we to them? • Sep 7, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Someone Who Cares • The Square Ball — Andrea Radrizzani promised to invest all the Chris Wood fee into the playing squad. Did he mean now, or when? • Aug 31, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Brass, Your Attention • The Square Ball — Now Chris Wood has gone, Leeds United can concentrate on the football. • Aug 24, 2017

Leeds United 5-1 Newport County: Industrial Lights • The Square Ball — Okay so Roofe scored a hat-trick and some other stuff happened but Samu Saiz though ? • Aug 23, 2017

Sunderland 0-2 Leeds United: Woodchuck • The Square Ball — On a weekend when Chris Wood got everything wrong, Thomas Christiansen got everything right. Which is good for Leeds United, anyway. • Aug 20, 2017

The Square Ball Week: The Passion of The Chris Wood • The Square Ball — Leeds United could be about to sell a thirty goal striker. Why isn’t there more furore? • Aug 17, 2017

Leeds United 0-0 Fulham: Attacking Intent • The Square Ball — Leeds United under Thomas Christiansen are an attacking outfit, with new players on the front foot. That they and their £20m striker can’t score at home is a curious thing indeed. • Aug 16, 2017

Leeds United 0-0 Preston North End: Frust-rating • The Square Ball — It’s that familiar deflationary Leeds United feeling, but with a few additional puffs of positivity into our new season balloon. • Aug 14, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Beauty on The Hoof • The Square Ball — There’s a fresh feeling at Leeds United, like we’ve never played a home league game ever, or at least, like the worst of the last five years since Simon Grayson was sacked never happened. • Aug 11, 2017

Leeds United 4-1 Port Vale: The Beeston Globetrotters Win Again • The Square Ball — Look what football is doing to Leeds United; look at Samuel Saiz. • Aug 10, 2017

Bolton Wanderers 2-3 Leeds United: Back Up and Playing • The Square Ball — Leeds United started the season by answering a question we haven’t even thought to ask for years: is it going to be exciting now? • Aug 7, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Football Is On The Pitch • The Square Ball — Tense? Nervous headache? That’s either the start of a new football season, or it’s Leeds United’s chairman doing the rounds of the media. • Aug 4, 2017

Leeds United 2-0 Oxford United: White & Gold & Black & Beige • The Square Ball — Elland Road is still pre-makeover, and Leeds United is not yet brand new. Samuel Saiz is pretty new, though. • Jul 31, 2017

The Square Ball Week: The High Cost of Dreaming • The Square Ball — The quandary for Leeds United, as they try to set ticket prices, is that they’re a football club trying to compete within a league structure that continues to seriously deviate from reality. • Jul 28, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Summer Babes — Football is never more exciting than before it’s played. If the actual football this season is half as good as its summer build up, or a quarter as good as we can imagine, that’ll do. • Jul 14, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Broken Dreams & Bellusci — Preseason should be good news. But as long as he’s here, Giuseppe Bellusci might as well make himself useful. • Jul 7, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Look Homeward, Andrea — Buying Elland Road was the most symbolic move of his ownership so far, because it moved Andrea Radrizzani beyond symbolism. • Jun 30, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Nice By Nature — Thomas Christiansen seems nice, and that might be very useful to Leeds United in the months ahead. • Jun 23, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Leeds United On Trend — Hopefully we’ll find out more about what Thomas Christiansen’s appointment means for the future of Leeds United on Monday. Knowing the length of his contract would be a start. Hopefully, too, he’ll appear before the press dressed in brand new retro-Kappa LUFC gear and announce Ronnie Ekelund as his assistant. • Jun 16, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Winning — When we started planning our new film and book, Do You Want To Win?, about how Leeds United won the Football League First Division championship in 1991/92, we had to ask ourselves an unexpected question. How will we end the story? • Jun 9, 2017

The Square Ball Week: Who’s Hiring Hadi? — Garry Monk took a good hard look at Leeds United and decided to move on. In his absence, someone is looking at Hadi Sacko and deciding to buy. Who? • May 26, 2017

The Square Ball Week: On The Second Day — For almost two days, we could laugh. And relax, and smile. And think about how different it was all going to become with Andrea Radrizzani as 100% owner of Leeds United. • May 26, 2017