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Do You Want To Win?


A film and book about the Howard Wilkinson revolution at Leeds United


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One morning in October 1988, Howard Wilkinson walked into history. History was Elland Road; the great football stadium in Leeds, built by the efforts of Don Revie; home to one of the greatest club sides in Europe, built by Don Revie. But on that morning, Leeds United were 21st in Football League Division Two, and now Howard Wilkinson was here, history had to go. He met his new employers, cracked jokes with the press, and got to work.

The photos of the glory days had to go, that day. The players had to come back for extra training, that day. The football club had to become part of the city again, that day. Leeds needed a football team to be proud of, that day.

Wilkinson’s challenge to the club, the players and the city was simple. Do you want to win? And will you back a man who says he will? It will be expensive, and difficult, and even at times upsetting. But if you want to win, can you afford not to?

Do You Want To Win? is a feature-length documentary film written and co-directed by Daniel Chapman, a collaborative project from The City Talking, BlackBox Creative, Leeds United and BBC Leeds, including interviews with Howard Wilkinson, Gordon Strachan, Gary McAllister, Bill Fotherby, Ces Podd, Mel Sterland, Dylan Kerr, Chris Whyte, Eddie Gray, Vinnie Jones and more.

The film is accompanied by a 364 page hardback book about the era, written by Daniel Chapman, also titled Do You Want To Win?