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100 Years of Leeds United, a new history of the club, is a 432 page hardback that will be published by Icon Books in 2019, to coincide with the club’s centenary celebrations.

In 2017 I wrote Do You Want To Win?, a book and film about Leeds and Leeds United from 1988 to 1992, the years when Howard Wilkinson took over from Billy Bremner, and took over everything. You can watch the trailer and order the book and DVD here.

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The Square Ball Week: The Nobility of The Resources Used — Marcelo Bielsa walked out of two clubs after promises about transfers were broken. What now of his promise to Leeds? • Jan 10, 2019

Queen’s Park Rangers 2-1 Leeds United: Sippy Cup — The FA Cup is over and done with, but the players we saw this weekend are not. • Jan 7, 2019

Nottingham Forest 4-2 Leeds United: Defending Valiance — When Bielsa watches the video tape, he’ll still see the maddest of mad victories flashing before his mad eyes • Jan 2, 2019

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When Unknowable Became Unknown • The Square Ball — A new book, written by Gary Speed’s close friend with help from his family, takes the place of a story Speed didn’t think was worth writing.

David Batty: “I just used to turn up and play. And enjoy it” — It’s by far the nicest evening of the year so far, and we’re spending it with David Batty in his garden in North Yorkshire, asking daft questions about the rumours about what he’s been doing since he retired from football when he left Leeds United in 2004.

Positive Action Movement: When Ken Bates Took Over His Homeland in 1968, Noel Lloyd Led The Fight To Take It Back. — Forty years ago and on the far side of the world, Ken Bates was set fair to make his fortune by developing a tourist and tax haven on the Caribbean islands of Tortola and Anegada, until the venture collapsed and the British government bought him out. The London Times described it as an “embarrassing state of affairs”, and that understatement has characterised the general treatment of the ‘affair’ ever since.

“This Is The Lows” — Stevie Ward, Leeds Rhinos — “You would struggle to write that in a script,” says Stevie Ward of Leeds Rhinos, as we recall the moment when Danny McGuire kicked the ball towards the touchline at Huddersfield, in the final seconds of Super League XX, and Ryan Hall collected it on the run.

“In football, you need to come up with a dream” — Roberto Martinez, Everton FC — Roberto Martinez’s career has sometimes looked from outside to be a sequence of counter-intuitive decisions; but what has driven Roberto’s decisions has not been the level or the glory, but the project, and the people.

The Square Ball Week: Real White Memories — I had thought a few months ago that I might like to write something about David White.

The Square Ball Week: Stories Are Not For Sale — The man on the platform opened a can of cheap lager and drank, as if gulping away another mundane day of paper shuffling.

The Square Ball Week: Now There’s A Whole New Image — Leicester City 2016 have Leeds United 1992 beat in the unlikely stakes, but if you’re lucky enough to have seen both of these great against all odds league title wins, then Leicester’s might have given you a faint sense of déjà vu.

What It’s Like — I don’t want to give away too many trade secrets before you read the book for yourself. But here are the last two words of Neil Warnock’s The Gaffer: “Be lucky.”

Tradition and the Individual Lack of Talent — A lot of things were missing, presumed lost, from the performances against Rochdale and Sheffield Wednesday. Not just small things, but things that go into making a football club a football club; things that define what Leeds United are all about.

Being There — Dylan Kerr, Leeds United — Eighteen players strode out on to the Elland Road pitch on the day in May 1992 when, before a 1-0 win over Norwich, Leeds United were crowned First Division champions.

We Have to Talk About Colin — I tried to write a considered, analytical article to work through this uneasy feeling I have about Neil Warnock, to set out in a coherent way the arguments both for and against and hopefully alight on the answer to my diffidence and thereby overcome it. This is what I wrote instead.

“I Wasn’t Going to Turn Away” – Emma Bentley & the Rise of Leeds Ladies FC — Fifteen minutes into the new season, Leeds Ladies Football Club were losing 2–0 at home to Stockport. That the team had started the season at all could be called a miracle. But miracles weren’t impressing new Leeds captain Emma Bentley.

Leeds United 1-0 Bolton Wanderers — And the players came out on the pitch and everyone in the crowd was like, ‘ROOOAAARRR’ and I don’t know how the players weren’t frighted cos it was dead loud and it must have been louder where they were cos they were in the middle and we were at the side.

“I Always Felt I Had To Do Something More With My Life” — Rav Matharu, clothsurgeon — “I was living the dream there for a while,” says Rav Matharu, as he sits and talks to us in a basement studio in London, where he is living a very different kind of dream today.

Leeds United 1-2 Charlton & Birmingham — Go to Elland Road for the game or don’t, listen on the radio or the internet or just follow on Twitter or check the result the next day, on the BBC Sport site later on or get a ticket, get a ticket in the Kop or the South Stand, West or East, upper or lower or don’t, and get there for kick off or don’t

Book Review: ‘Promised Land’ by Anthony Clavane — Alongside Keith Waterhouse and Billy Liar, argues Clavane, add Don Revie and Super Leeds.